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New to list-questions

Hello all,
I've been a Quattro fan since I saw Hans Stuck going 180mph down the back
straight at the Glen...in the rain!!!! I have to get that picture scanned
in, its great.
Okay, enough b.s.
I am in the market for an early 1990's 90 Quattro. I have a few questions.

First, does the coupe offer a larger trunk area than the sedan when the
rear seats are upright?  and does the rear seat down position offer a lot
of room?  Dumb questions but I've never had the cahnce to check out the
hatch area of a Coupe.

Next, sedan question: is the V6 of 1993 better/worse than the 20v  (power,
reliabilty, durability)?

I'll leave it at that for now, more to come later.  You can email directly
to me to mimimize list spam.

Dave K.