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Re: Snell95 M rated helmets

ALL helmets should be replaced after "one major blow" and usually some good
minor ones as well.  The M is for motorcycle not major (just in case some
people mis-read your post).  It doesn't generally use kevlar (strap=nylon)
or nomex (padding=plush velour) but the M shell is more "sharp object
impalement resistant" as I understand it.  

I have a Bell and while it's OK, the next helmet won't be one.  Simpson
would probably be my choice....

At 01:57 AM 9/12/1998 ,  CHANGLONG   HUNG was inspired to say:
>  Hi all, 
>  Correct me if I am wrong, Bike helmet is designed to basically to 
>  take one major blow thus the M rating.  Also, most bike helmets is 
>  not fire proofed with nomex material.  I think Paul needs a helmet 
>  for driver school.  I think Simpson and Bell are the most popular 
>  among racers.  

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