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Re: Ready to buy 200tq

In message <199809130105.VAA31750@camel7.mindspring.com> "Peter Dowker" writes:

> Exhaust leak - has to be fixxed to pass the Virginia state inspection - Is an aftermarket exhaust worth the money for performance enhancement or longevity
> for this class, vintage, age vehicle:

IMO you can't beat a stock Audi exhaust.  The challenge is finding one
cheaply enough.

> Headlights - failed light emmission (how this is measured is beyond me - but the DOT headlamps failed- so it's pretty bad.)  Are the Euro headlight lense
> upgrades worth the cash?


> Warped rotors on front brakes - these have been converted from the UFO style to conventional discs - Anyone know of good aftermarket solution for this
> issue - best braking bang for the buck?

a) UFOs.

b) Stock rotors and pads.  All combinations are a compromise, and the
   stock stuff is best for everyday driving.  Deviate from this (track
   days, etc.) and there'll be a better option.

> Finally, and perhaps most importantly, How much useful fun can I
> expect to get out of this car (rigourous maintance will be done - of
> course) - is this car on the tail end of it's life, or should I buy the
> car, sink the extra $$ into it and enjoy the heck out of it for the
> forseeable future.

I would aim to keep it in good condition.  A 200 is only just run in
at that mileage.

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