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Re: Fw: Exhaust

Actually, ours does.  First, virtually every gas company changes the
formulation fo the gaoline based on where it's being sold (e.g. Cali gas is
different than MI gas) and also the season (e.g. in MI, winter gas is
different than summer gas).  I woudl say the first step would be to click
over to http://www.hotbot.com and do a search on "gas faq gasoline ethanol
octane heptane toulene honda turbo" (at least the first five query words
should work) and read the gas faq.  it goes into extensive detail about all
kinds of stuff abuot gas.  Enough chemsitry to bring back evil memories
from college... <g>

At 12:53 AM 9/14/1998 ,  John Courtney was inspired to say:
>  United States.
>  No, I don't think the additive changes from season to season. This is an
>  interesting point, though.

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