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Re: BTDT- clutch master & slave cylinder R&R

In message <35F9B4B7.6D1A0DEA@gte.net> Whitson writes:

> Thank god it is LHD, what makes the RHD so difficult ?

On most RHD Audis, and certainly on the ur-quattro, the clutch master
cylinder is mounted right underneath the floor of the plenum between
the firewall and the base of the windscreen.  It's so close that it has
to be mounted at 45 degrees to clear the fluid connection.  About 5mm
below the carrier is the steering column.

So you have to remove all the cladding from the left and right, the
steering wheel, the column switches, the shear bolt, the upper and lower
sections of the steering column and drop the pedal frame.  The brakes on
a RHD car are still LHD (there's no room for the master cylinder
anywhere else but where it is) and so there's a long pushrod-and-cranks
system for the brakes.  This has to be disconnected at both ends for the
pedal block to be dropped.  Oh, and the accelerator pedal has to be
removed.  And one of the securing nuts for the pedal frame is in the
engine bay - caught you that time!

Even with all of this done, changing the clutch master cylinder is no
joke - you need a pretty complete toolbox.  IMO it pays to take the
driver's seat out before starting and pad the floor pretty deeply.

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