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Re: Need a part and "Sighting"

>Hi Audifans,
>I just noticed the grill thingy on the rear pillar drivers side has fallen
>_off_.  Crap.  Does anybody have one in light grey (I believe the Audi calls
>it (Word Forgotten) Blue.  Looks grey until I put it next to Dad's Zermatt
Glacier blue, or perhaps Saphire Blue.  Saphire is metallic and very pale blue.

>Silver 88 5kq)??  And what is the name of the grill thingy?
"That C pillar cap thingy" is the most common reference I've heard :)

Be cool and steal caps off a V8; they're smooth and look better to some.
Mine are -really- odd; they have silver stripes in each of the slots, which
looks kinda cool.


Brett Dikeman
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