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Re: Stereo upgrade for Coupe GT

   > > Just purchased a new JVC CD receiver for my '83 Coupe GT.  It's one of the
   > > few units that will actually fit into the limited available depth (about 6 -
   > > 6 1/4 in).
   > I've never noticed any limited depth issues.

   Me neither.  There's lots of room in that console for toys.

When I went to install my Denon head unit in my '83 UrQ (which I think
uses the same console/etc. as the Coupe???), the bracket in the rear
blocked the radio. I had to relocate it back a quarter of an inch, or
so. The radio still sticks out a little, but not "too" much.

I'm trying to remember how it all fit together; I think this was the
aluminum bracket that cross-braced the plastic center console as-
sembly, and held the cruise control unit? This bracket doubles as
the rear locator/support for the radio. I think...

I do *distinctly* remember my new Denon "DIN-sized" (whatever that
term means...) was too long to fit it "stock". I was quite annoyed
at the time.