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re: Window Tint

Coolian <coolian@tiac.net> wrote:
> >My advice:
> >
> >1.  Go to a reputable shop.
> >2.  Remove your door panels and rubber areas yourself.  Clear the way for 
> >them to do their work, because they will not be patient enough to do it 
> >correctly.
> >3.  Look at your car carefully so you are acutely aware of any preexisting 
> >damaged areas.
> >4.  Speak to the manager and make him or her aware of your concerns, and 
> >ask that they be extra careful.
> Other advice....
> 1.) Watch them do it.

I would have done this (I pretty much always do), but they would not let 
me "in the back", and they weren't going to get to it for a while, and I 
was with the girlfriend.  Oh well, the car is wrecked now anyway :-(.