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Re: Snell95 M rated helmets

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, PN wrote:

> I'm looking to buy an M rated helmet, and the motorcycle shops around here 
> don't usually carry Snell rated stuff (scary that they sell the cheaper 
> helmets to people). Does anyone have any suggestions on brand, and mail 
> order location to get a great price?
> Thanks,
> Paul
I bought a Bell Sport II Snell SA95 for $249.95 from Racer Wholesale
1.800.886.RACE for Audi Club Track days.  They are the only place that
sells it in black, otherwise white is the norm.  I saved $50 over the
local place.  I tried it locally, then mail ordered it.  For Autos the
QClub, PCA, etc... requires SA ratings not M.

'88 90Q 180K+
Nathan Belo