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Re: center bearing

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott Bristol say:

> I had the same problem on an 86 5ktq. I was in college and $$$ was 
> tight. I picked up a used driveshaft from a 4kq and the bearings where 
> the same, however, the bracket it was welded to was different. 
> I ended up doing some creative re-engineering and made it work with 
> mine. I do not know if your driveshaft is the same as the 5ktq but is is 
> maybe an option. I picked up the shaft for $40 and had a little help 
> transfering the bracket from the old to the new approx $40.

Doing the same :-)

I got the BMW cross-referenced part from the local dealer
pretty cheap, going to have the mechanic weld it up tomorrow.


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