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Re: drive train noise

I am going to have to add my 2 cents.

I have experienced this as well, this dry bearing noise that Harry

I have had that noise since I bought the car almost 4 years ago
(Oct. 4/94) with 61000 km on it and now it is just a wee bit more
pronounced, at 264000 km, possibly because the oil level is a little
lower now than before (it's leaking out the top of the tranny where
the shift stick linkages go in).

I never thought of the Torsen, though.  That might make sense!

If it happens when you _just_ start to give a little throttle, or
between shifts, the momentum of the moving vehicle would make the
car keep going on, and since the 4 wheels almost never rotate the same
velocity at any given time while the drivetrain components at the
tranny level back to the engine want to rapidly change their motion
(faster or slower), the diffs (specifically the Torsen) would have to
accomodate somehow, hence the internal Torsen gears meshing (and dry
bearing noise).

Does that make any sense to you folks?!?!?
Confused yet?!?!?

-<{Quattro 20V Boy}>-

Harry R Glesner III wrote:
> Gang:
>    This line of questioning about drive train noise leads me
> to share that my '91 90q20v sedan has a "noise" that appears
> in between shifts, with the clutch in. Say I've taken off in
> 1st gear and run hard up to 5k, put in the clutch shift to
> 2nd and while the clutch is in it makes a sound like a dry
> bearing spinning down. The tranny shifts perfectly, the car
> has only got 61k miles on it. At first blush it sounds like a
> "dry" throw-out bearing, but it makes the noise when the
> pressure plate is being pushed on by the throw-out bearing
> i.e. the bearing would be under load. Hum...I've had BMWs in
> the past and have worked on center support bearings on 2002s.
> Could this be my noise?
>    The car goes to Mc Donald Audi/VW tommarow to have the
> block heater installed, the oil changed, and the oil in the
> tranny and diffs checked. I'll ask them then to listen to the
> "noise", I can hardly wait for them to report I need a gear
> box.
>    Let me know what you all think.
> Thanks:
> Rick Glesner
> Littleton, Colorado
> '91 90q20v