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Re: pinhole leak in fuel tank of quattro - suggestions

Tayo de Boer wrote:
> 1.       the first option is to do the repair from the outside: it
> basically involves using a Dremel with various wire wheels to clean the
> seam for about 4" / 100mm in the area of the leak, this I would follow up
> with sandpaper to obtain a smooth and clean area as possible. The area
> would then be sealed with a fine mesh fiberglass strip that just covers the
> seam top and bottom, with following larger layers finishing up the job.
> It's a basic fiberglass job.The biggest drawback is that I can't see what
> I'm working on; what if I'm not successful the first time?

I wouldn't do that. A good chance to spark off a good day, in a bad way.
The brushed and sanded off particles could get into fuel/tank and could
cause problems later.

> 2.      the second option would be to seal the leak from the inside. The main
> reason for this method is that if sealed with a flexible material, the
> force of the fuel against the seam in the tank should make a permanent seal.
>         I would jack the front of the car up to make the remaining fuel pool at
> the "bottom"; this fuel can then be siphoned out to have the absolute
> minimum fuel in the tank.

I am now assuming that you are taking it out of the car.

> Whichever I do I've got to organize before it gets too cold.
>         all opinions, other options considered, please.

I've seen at parts stores, epoxy based putties that are used for this
kind of "repair". Seems to me that you could clean the area with a
solvent and put this putty over the leak area.

'86 4KCSQ