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88 90 Ignition switch


I've spent the last month starting my car with an orange screw-driver, a
fact which delights my two year old yet is, well, embarassing to me.

The mechanical component of my ignition switch has broken.  I've been to
Audi Salvage out here in Colorado and pulled a replacement switch.

One major problem:

The key-tumbler component is not modular- you can't swap it out.  So,
I've got a good mechanical part without a key (getting a key in a
junkyard car is hit and miss) and my broken mechanical part with a
useless key.

Plea for help:

If anyone knows of a junkyard with (or happens to have lying around in
their collection of audi memorabilia) an 88 to  90 model 80 or 90 WITH a
key and ignition switch, please point me in the right direction!  Models
with a driver's side airbag have a re-designed key switch that is NOT



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