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Re: Audi discounted their OEM part prices???

In a message dated 9/17/98 7:14:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time, markb@clair.com

> I sell aftermarket parts where the quality is the same or better and the
>  price is more than competitive. The object is to offer customers a choice.
>  This works well for us and for our customers. I want people to return to
>  the dealerships for their parts purchases, after all it is how I make my
>  living and helps pay for my A4 Avant.

It's always good to hear from someone inside the business and hear what they
are seeing in part prices.  I have not purchased a part from a local Audi
dealer is probably 6 years.  I can usually find the part at a great price from
you, GPR, The Parts Connection, Carlsen Audi or many others that advertise in
European Car.  

Why would I ever go to my local dealer when I can call you guys, get a great
discount, pay no sales tax, talk to a person who knows Audi parts (my dealer
has very little knowledge of Audis and their parts), and have it delivered to
my front door.  

Until the Orlando dealer changes owners and reduces prices even more, I will
always look to you and the other aftermarket companies for my parts.  With
more and more newsgroups and mailing lists like the Qlist and A4.org, more
Audi owners are learning that you don't have to buy the parts from you local
dealer, and Audi owners all across the country are now saving thousands of
dollars on car maintenance (I estimate that I've saved probably $4,000 or more
on parts and diagnostics since joining the QList 4 years ago).

I like Clair Parts Express, and unlike my Audi dealer, when I give my business
to Mark Burns at CPE, I know my money is going to someone who knows Audis,
drives Audis, and is active in the Audi community.  How many dealers can you
say that about?

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