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Re: Strut Boots

> > Anyone heard of a way to replace a front strut boot (ya know the
> > accordian plastic thing) without having to remove and disassemble the
> > whole darn assembly?
> Haven't tried this myself, just thought of it:
> With wheel/tire off, use spring compresser to compress suspension.
> Use floor jack to support control arm/strut/spring assembly.
> Remove top nut/bushings/washers.
> Lower floor jack to drop strut/spring/compressor assembly.
> Remove necessary components to access boot and replace.

Nice try but I think it would be almost impossible.  1.  Getting a
spring compressor on the spring while its on the car is *almost*
impossible, and you can't compress far (bttriedt)  2. the boot is under
the top spring seat, so there are a lot of goodies to get off the top of
the strut while it's in the wheel well.  3.  the anti roll bar will be
pushing up while you are pushing down.

Other than slitting a boot and gluing or zip tying it I don't see a way
with the stuff on the car... and even that would be hard with the spring
in the way!

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands