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Laser jamming

Steve Patriquen wrote:

An IR filter would probably filter OUT IR (often used in photo

projectors/enlargers). What we want is an IR-only *pass* filter -

correct? Something that will reduce the visble light but pass all the

IR to blind the Laser.


A few years back Car & Driver ran a story in which they tested various radar
"jammers".  Basically, none of them worked.  In an attempt to create their own
jammer, they took a Cibie "Super Oscar" (remember those basketball sized
driving lights :D) and fitted it with an IR pass filter.  They chose to mount
the behemoth centered on the bumper above the license plate as this was the
usual target.  Sure enough, they could not get a reading from the gun as the
unit was overloaded (blinded) by the IR emanating from the apparently dark
light.  They sourced their filter from Edmund Scientific.

This is all from memory so perhaps someone else can elaborate further...

89 200TQW
dreaming of a TT after reading latest issue of Automobile