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RE: Hella Headlight Installation '85-4Kq


I'm in the market to do the same thing to my 86 4kCSQ, and recently spoke to
Hanna Blau @ BLAUfergnugen!.  If you haven't seen their page check it out at
www.audiquattroparts.com or contact them at 920-758-3232.  She was very
helpful, and full of answers.  They carry the Hella Euro's, and may have an
"extra" wiring diagram for installation.  

Good luck ! 

Drew C. Boggs 
86 4kCSQ 

	David wrote : 
	I just got some second hand European Coupe Quattro Hella headlights
	ones that have the clear corners) and need help with the electrical
	does anybody have any experience with modifying the wiring from a
stock 4kq
	to the European version?  I need help to find the proper relays and
	connectors...  Any Suggestions?

	Thanks in advance!