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re: Pin Drop

Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com> writes:

>>From: "Osman Parvez" <oparvez1@nycap.rr.com>
>>Subject: Pin Drop conclusion [200q]
>>P.S. I have become oversensitive to every sound my 200q makes. For instance,
>>at 70mph with the radio I always hear it when a rear seat passenger taps the
>>window switch. My response is often a lecture on the ease of failure of the
>>$25 switches, and a polite request to stop.
>You mean they operate their window switch to the beat of the music? Is this
>a common sign of the lobotomized-by-MTV generation?  Suggestions: (1) turn
>off the hip-hop, or (2) equip passenger area with wooden spoon and
>Tupperware bowl. (Also useful for 2 yr-old grandchildren).

I'm with Osman on this one. When I hear my kids flicking the window switch
in the back, it's all I can do to bite my lip and keep my mouth shut...I
know that each of those switches has X number of cycles in them, and while
X is a relatively small number, I don't know what it is...nor do I want to
find out...and each tap represents a significant portion of X!