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Re: Chevy power

Bruce Aukerman wrote:

> Resale value:  Subject close to my heart:)  Listen, resale means whatever you can get for your car.  Barring a buyer who just MUST have the car you
> are driving, mods mean precious little in add-on resale.  The dragon wagon posted for sale here
> sounds super, but, as claimed by the seller, no takers at what $21k?

Its all subjective. I have a few SB chevys and they are good engines. But half of my love for the audi is the 5 cylinder that comes with it....

> Hard to hurt / help the resale value of an Audi with
> 80,000 plus miles on it.  Sure, you can push it this
> way or that of book, but, you prolly won't sell a $14k
> car for $20+.  If you can, good for you.

Personally, I wouldnt think twice at buying an audi (I5) with 200K+ Miles on it. If a chevy engine had 200K on it, Id run away from it...never looking back.