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Re: Sounds like a good idea . . . BUT:

In message <021d34513211598UPIMSSMTPUSR05@email.msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Cant be worse than what we've already got - the EC. These are the people who
> want straight bananas, are trying to make us call british chocolate
> "vegelate" and have banned leaded petrol.

The late (and IMO great although seriously right-wing) Bavarian
politician Franz-Josef Strauss once commented that the importance
of a message was inversely proportional to its length.  He cited:

   a) A red light
   b) A washroom sign
   c) The Ten Commandments
   d) The Gettysburg Address
   e) A 25,000-word EC directive on the shape of tractor seats.

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