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Engine Swap - has anybody tried this?

Has anybody had any experience with these engines in a 4kq?  Is it worth the
price?  (these are from TSR)

Short Motors - Standard Capacity 5cyl Engines
2.2ltr Re-conditioned Exchange 750.00
2.3ltr Re-conditioned Exchange 850.00


Short Motor 2.3 ltr 5cyl
(2226cc Base Exchange)
Based on the 2226cc 5cyl block fitted to 1984 and later cars, these units
are bored to 82.5/83mm for a 2.3ltr alternative to standard capacity. The
units are assembled with the same high quality parts and attention to detail
as our 4 cylinder units. If fitted with our Pack 'A' head these units will
produce 150bhp or with a big valve Pack 'C' head the output is 170bhp.

2.3ltr Re-conditioned Exchange for 2226cc 850.00
2.3ltr Outright sale for retro-fit in pre '84 cars 1050.00


Short Motor 2.6 ltr 5cyl
(2226cc Base Exchange)
Based on the 2226cc block, these units are fitted with a longer stroke
crankshaft and bored to 82.5/83mm for a massive 2.6ltrs. To take advantage
of this huge capacity we recommend the fitting of our Pack 'C' head in which
form the engine will produce up to 185bhp.

2.6ltr Re-conditioned Exchange for 2226cc 1500.00
2.6ltr Outright sale for retro-fit in pre '84 cars 1750.00

TSR Pack 'C' 10 valve
To release the full potential of the 5 cylinder engine, these heads are
re-engineered to accept the same 40mm/35mm valve specification as used in
the Pack 'C' Golf heads. With similar attention given to porting and
gasflowing these engines will easily give 170bhp when fitted with an
appropriate camshaft. These power figures are similar to Quattro Turbo
engines but without the turbo complications.

TSR Pack 'C' 10v Head 850.00
Hydraulic head engines cam followers 125.00
Head Fitting Kit 150.00