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Re: Anyone using Boge Turbogas struts?

We are using Boge Turbo GAs in a 4000. Nice shocks, maybe a little soft.
The car has a very comfortable ride, no floating. My wife says our 4k is
the only car that doesn't make her car sick on long trips.   The car feels
stiff when say going over speed bumps, but it rolls noticeably when
cornering. I'm not sure if stiffer shocks would totally eliminate it
though. Are the Pro Gas stiffer than Turbo gas? Why are you considering
getting TurboGas and not ProGas? I am interested because I am planning to
replace shocks on our 90q and kind'a decided to go with Bilstein,  but the
price bites.


At 11:21 AM 9/23/98 EDT, you wrote:
>All. Anyone out there have any experience with  Boge Turbogas struts? I have
>Progas on my wife's Jetta which I like a lot. I am thinking of getting the
>Turbogas struts for my 90q20v but have no experience with them.