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Re: Auto to 5 speed conv. Plus: $300 5ks!? AND engine whine

Were are you?  I have a hard time finding any 5ks with manual transmissions,
let alone $300 ones.  Where are these cars?

I've had an '85 5ks with manual since '91 and have been very pleased.  It
now has 185k miles and has a disturbing whine that started 6 months ago and
was barely noticeble and is now loader, constant, and is coming from the
engine area which no one seems to be able to pin on any of the accessories,
making most conclude it is something internal to the engine, such as a
bearing.  Any alternative ideas?

I wouldn't mind replacing it with one that has fewer miles, especially for
$300.  Alternatively, I've thought of simply replacing the engine.  Will a
5spd 5ks accept an engine from an automatic?


---Original message, in part:
-=> Quoting Andrew Duane Usg/pe <=-
 ADU> Don't think it's nearly that easy, or I'd convert my A6QW.
 ADU> There are a lot of differences, from mounting to ECU to throttle
 ADU> body to ....

      On the 5Ks, you need a complete parts car, there
      are a few differences between the two, none of
      which have anything to do with the chasis.
      It's very do-able on a 5K, IF you have a mechanically
      sound 5 spd. to do the transplant.
      Doesn't make much sense though, considering
      you can pick up a decent 5 spd. 5KS for
      about $300 around here.  Probably easier
      to transplant the good stuff from an automatic
      into a ratty 5spd than vice versa.