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Re: Auto to 5 speed conv.

On this vein, I still have my '86 5000 CSTQ 5-Speed, MC Motorcar which
received a brick through the back window at the local train station.
I sent mail about it earlier in the week.  I've found several people
interested in specific parts of the car, and am close to parting out
most of it and selling the bulk of it to someone for the engine.  The
clutch and 5-Speed are both in good shape if anyone is interested.
The car is currently in the Boston area (Needham) and I will be
unloading it by next Wednesday (September 30).

> -=> Quoting Adam Sciortino <=-
> AS> Were are you?  I have a hard time finding any 5ks with manual
> AS> transmissions, let alone $300 ones.  Where are these cars?
>     Boston area, some in southern NH.  There seem to be fewer
>     5spds than automatics, that's for sure.  I've bought two
>     sticks in the last few years, initially with the intention of
>     making them parts cars. (both '84, one red one blue).
>     Ended up finding the "usual suspects" to fix, none of
>     which was too severe (BTDT too many times) and sold the
>     cars. Paid U$250.00 for red one, it had a break in the
>     plastic for the hall sender, fixed it with some
>     black trim adhesive and sold the car for U$750, dealer
>     (IRA) told previous owner the engine was bad.  The blue
>     one was similar, only paid U$150, changed all the front
>     bushings and an A-arm, traded that car with a guy who
>     painted my house in return. (I have a big house.)
>     Lots of 4-N-ERs around these parts, and they prefer
>     stick to auto.  My wifes one of them, I've bought
>     many a nice car to replace my ole '84 5KS she got
>     when I bought my V8Q, but she doesn't want an automatic,
>     not even if it's a Mercyless Benz BTDT.  
>     I might be buying an '85 Automatic in very good
>     shape, with a blown differential.  I was going
>     to offer the guy $70 for it, but I stopped by
>     there today, and his neighbor said that a
>     local boneyard wanted HIM to pay them $20 to
>     haul it away, $50 sounds like a better offer
>     now.
>     IF by a stroke of luck I come across a decent
>     stick shift wagon or V8Q (at the right price) I'll
>     be selling the '84 5KS, needs nothing except maybe
>     some cosmetics, I'll consider myself lucky if I can
>     get $500 for the car.  Audis have many great points,
>     but resale value and doorhandles aren't ones.
>     BCNU,
>... My other computer is a Commodore 64.
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