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Re: Brakes,Lines,and rotor info 86 5000tq

Yup, there's cheaper.

Got ATE rotors for much less from Autobahn of NH, LLC. 800.350.4590. Get a
firm quote though, and get a firm commitment on the brand they want to sell
you  Got stiffed on a used part from them, but the new stuff came through

Peter  865ktq (still going......)

Glen Abel wrote:

>      I pop-ed a brake line In my 86 5000tq. What is the size of the line I
>      need? I have a metric flare kit and before winter hits here in
>      Buffalo, I will just replace all the brake lines.
>           I also am going to get new rotors, Shokan quated me $195 a pair
>      for the front and $145 for the rear. Anybody ever come across any
>      cheaper ones?
>      Thanks.
>      Glen