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Levent bashing

I've been watching with some amusement the flame war going on between
someone whose initials are LC and several other listers who seem to be
somewhat upset by what said LC did or didn't do or say.

What disturbs me is the vigor with which the war has been fought.

Now I do need to say that I have not been the recipient of any vituperative
personal e-mails on this subject, nor do I particularly wish to be, and my
total experience has been what I've read on the digest, OK, so now you-all
know where I am starting from.

LC has made several claims about his car. These claims have been
challenged, and so far, have not been substantiated. That tells me RIGHT
THERE that this is not a subject worth following up - there is (as yet) no

Our boy LC seems mostly to suffer from an excess of enthusiasm for his Audi
- and he seems to get carried away sometimes. Well, heck, we ALL do, to
some degree - after all, it is only a car (nomex on - taking shelter from
the Audi Gods!).

He claims to have gotten some huge amount of horsepower from his engine,
quickly, cheaply, reliably - (sounds like he should be writing ad copy for
snake oil horsepower boosters) - OK, I agree, show us, tell us, prove it.

But even if he can't (which I suspect is the case, and I'm sure he is
rather uncomfortable right now trying to salvage his ego while being
regularly blasted by people who know MUCH more about his car than he does),
that's no reason to blast him with both barrels. Heck, as they say, he can
always serve as a bad example!

Personally, I'd LOVE to know how to get 175 or so horsepower, reliably,
easily, cheaply out of my N.A. 5000 S - but it ain't gonna happen.

Levent is only dreaming - but he is dreaming out loud. Relax, he'll grow up.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman