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Another clutch datapoint

>... I had the same experience after R/R the clutch  et al from the '85 4kSQ
>... I think Tony Lum would say the same thing about his car (same year and

Same experience here, with a 1985 Coupe GT and a new Sachs OEM clutch
package.  The new clutch feels nearly as light as my father's A4 clutch,
and is very pleasant to use once you get used to it.

>My belief is that the sleeve on which the throwout bearing slides is the
>primary culprit.  The one that I pulled from the 4k was so worn and rough
>I'm surprised that the bearing even reached the fully disengaged position!

I don't think it is the clutch sleeve.  I pulled one of those plastic-resin
sleeves from my Coupe GT when changing the clutch, and it was in fine
shape.  The throwout bearing moved freely on it without any evidence of
binding.  I did, however, replace the plastic sleeve with a metal one
when installing the new clutch, so I could be wrong.

'85 CGT ("new" tranny, shifting good), '82 urq
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