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re: bad BLAU experience

I've got a bit of experience with blau, all pretty much beginning about 2
months before their move, both to a new location and to a new computer system
(if memory serves).
I certainly agree with the difficulty in getting complete answers (specs on
parts, applicability, if that's even a word, etc.), let alone conversation
with Jim.  Many times he is the only one who can answer a particular question.
Most recently, I'm trying to get some help with a prematurally separating ansa
system (I knew I shoulda went w/a  scorpion...).  They have no record of my
purchase, which is why i save receipts.  I'm more worried that none of my
business is still on file, and I've done a substantial amount given I only
have one quattro, and it's only been a couple years.  I'm not sure, but it
might help to identify oneself as a lister and with a q-club #.

That being said, however, I recall the aforementioned move(s), and I can only
imagine the frustration they must feel when they cannot "bring it up on their
computer".  I haven't experienced the rudeness that's been described, and hope
to keep it that way.  There are only a few establishments that specialize in
these cars, compared to other makes out there, so I try to make the extra
effort not to be blacklisted (I picture some code popping up on the screen as
they take my info ;-] ).  But if they, or any place for that matter, should
hang up on me without some attempt at satisfaction made, there's enough other
places I can go that whatever business it is can kiss my four wheel driving

Waiting for the next Blau flyer,
86 4kq