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Re: The Blau thing

>yeah, i keep saying, Rod at the parts connection.  I have ordered from 
>them many times, and i have not had a single problem.  My parts come 
>within 2 days, shipping is free if the order is over 400 dollars, and Rod 
>is a great guy to talk to.  I just have to say, hey rod, its mike 
>williams, he says, hey mike and we go through the order and joke around 
>for a while...

I agree with you here...Rod's a great guy and knows me by my first
name....I still have an order there I have to pay for...WHOOPS.

Brendan Barry
Boston, Massachusetts
Owner of a Glaringly red, 
1987 Audi 4000 CS quattro
*ATE on front/Slotted on rear
*Not too many additions...yet.
Works like a charm, on Sundays.