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Re: boge v bilstein

John Karasaki <johkar@teleport.com> writes:

>Any shock you put in there will be stiffer than what you have now.  Your
>car is probably floating along on the springs.


>Thus, I think you're going to have trouble with your wife no matter what
>you put in there.

Well, that's a separate issue. :)

Based on these comments, it looks like I'm going with the Boge turbo gas.
I'll let you know how I like them...


>The problem with most shock/strut/spring/bushing/etc. replacements is that
>the replacer is comparing worn out components to brand new units.  Notice
>that I said "most."  Alex N. and others on the list have done better A/B
>comparisons as they are willing to swap out new parts that they just don't
>like.  Sarge also has a unique position because he has access to 2 like
>cars with both strut setups.  Barring those people, you will probably only
>get "I used Bilstein and they're the best" type responses.
>I have enough cars that a better comparison can be made (like I've owned a
>5k with kyb and one with TG) but there are too many other variables between
>our cars and I haven't used the Bilsteins yet (due to cost).
>It would be cool to have a bunch of differently set up 5k/200 cars at one
>of the QCUSA events where everyone could take a couple laps in each to see
>what really works for their driving style.  Anyone want to organize this?
>There is another problem.  One gets "use to" the Cadillac ride.  Heck,
>riding in our new 4kq with 4 blown out strut inserts is comfortable.  Much
>more so than the V8 with 10k miles on Boge turbo gas inserts or the 5ktqw
>with Boge TG and Koni red on Jamex springs or the urq with koni all around
>and Eibach springs.  The 4kq handles like a boat though and isn't up to the
>kind of driving my wife and I like to do.
>I have a radical suggestion.  If this is your wife's car and you're trying
>to please HER, go with something softer like the KYB or <gasp> Monroe or
>oil Boges.
>Another suggestion is to go with the TGs and run lower tire pressures or
>use softer sidewalled tires like the Mich. Energy series.  Now I wouldn't
>recommend those tires to anyone who is at all performance minded, because
>they suck, but they did soften up the ride on my stiff 5ktqw.  And to their
>credit, they handled great at the poor racer wear limit (aka bald on a dry
>track, though most tires will exibit this).
>Blasphemy yes, but every car on this list doesn't have to be a "track car."
> And you won't be in agony all the time listening to your wife complain. ;)
>At 04:55 PM 9/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>Andrei writes:
>>>The shocks in my 90q are beginning to show signs of  weakness, and I am
>>>trying to decide between BOGE turbo gas and bilstein hd. 
>>Me too. My mechanic strongly suggests that I stay away from the Bilsteins
>>for the 200T as they'll be *way* too stiff. He thinks the Boge gas will
>>also be stiff, but not objectionally so.
>>This is for my wife's daily driver, and if it ends up riding like a truck
>>I'm in trouble. :) I'm sure she'd like it a bit more cushy than I
>>would...personally, I've always been happy with Bilsteins, both on my last
>>European sedan, and my, um, truck. Mechanic suggested that the Audi with
>>Bilsteins will ride much more harshly than my Volvo did...and he's got no
>>vested interest in this, other than the fact that he will *not* want to
>>install, uninstall, return, and then install a second set of shocks.
>>Anyone drive an otherwise stock 200 with these shocks?
>>Thoughts appreciated.
>>Lee Levitt
>>wheelman @ shore.net
>>webmaster, http://www.wheelman.com - kewl stuff for gearheads :)
>>1990 Audi 200T, 90K
>>1995 Range Rover County LWB, 80K
>>1987 Wicked Fat Chance, 1981 Condor Custom Road Bike
>Best Regards,
>John Karasaki
>"Alle Rowdies fahren Audis"
>'82 urq (stops on a dime)
>'86 4kq (boy, they total Audis for little reason)
>'87 coupe gt ("crash me into a car" red - 4 sale $1000)
>'87 5ktqw (daily beast of burden)
>'87 5ktqw (parts car after tree incident - parts 'o plenty)
>'90 V8 (wife's; soon to have 944T brakes!)
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Lee Levitt
wheelman @ shore.net
webmaster, http://www.wheelman.com - kewl stuff for gearheads :)
1990 Audi 200T, 90K
1995 Range Rover County LWB, 80K
1987 Wicked Fat Chance, 1981 Condor Custom Road Bike