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Re: 200TQ speedo shakes, odo stops

I'll s-mail it to you as that will get you the best quality for posting to
the web.

I suspect this is not the same problem as afflicts your 86 though.  I think
this is specific to the 89 and maybe newer ones.  They use an electronic
sensor whereas yours uses a cable.  I've had problems with the speedo in my
87 5ks for a long time.  Mostly evidenced by noisy in cold weather.  Colder
= noisier, and cold weather is not far away.  I tried lubing the cable,
etc, but NG.  Finally took the instrument cluster to the local VDO speedo
repair place and they claimed to lube it.  A year later I was back and they
claim they replaced a bushing in the speedo head.  I think it still makes
noise but will have to wait for colder weather to know for sure.  They
charged me both times.  I am not happy about the thought of carrying it
back to them a third time.  Unfortunately there is only one place in
central Ohio that repairs these and they act accordingly.

 I refuse to pay them a third time but will give them a chance to make it
Does anyone have any alternatives to suggest if my noise returns? Swap with
another used speedo?  
Ship it to Overseas Speedometer in Texas?

Dave Conner

At 02:41 PM 9/30/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Ref:  Your note of Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:24:28 -0400 (attached)
>Send me a copy of the TSB and I'll post it on my "hidden goodies"
>site.  Scan and email or fax to 9144351858 or smail to (address deleted)
--just steinbru for the name.  I think my '86 is
>intermittently afflicted.