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RE: Red vs. yellow rear signal lights

> > My ur-S4 has all-red turn signals...and it wish they were yellow. (Did
> the
> > 1992 100 have the yellow signals? If so, maybe I oughta swap 'em.)
> ironically, I've seen taillights in catalogs sold as "euro" lights for
> Golfs etc with the red signals. 
... a number of cars have turn signal lenses that appear red when the lights
are off, but when the turn signals are activated they flash yellow.  My '91
V8 works this way and I've seen other VWs and Audis that work this way as
well.  I seem to recall seeing a VW where the back-up lights appeared to be
yellow, but would light up in white.  I think I've seen the same sort of
trick on DB/Chrysler's :) as well ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)