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re: Oil filters [free], oil [also free] and lower prices...

I bought that (Audi) filter from the local AoA dealer a few weeks ago and
was surprised to see it priced at $7.49. That was cheaper than the local
Bosch supplier was asking for Mann filters ($10).

BTW, speaking of Mann filters: what is the difference between filters
marked 719/15 and 719/5?? They appear pretty similar, externally.

Phil R.

>Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 11:21:24 -0400
>From: Chris Newbold <cnewbold@transarc.com>
>Subject: Oil filters [free], oil [also free] and lower prices...
>Yesterday I received an offer from Audi for a free oil and filter change
>from my friendly local dealer. The flyer extolled the virtues and benefits
>of using OEM parts, etc. (Has a picture of the oil filter, with the part
>number stamped prominently on it: 034 115 561 A)
>It also mentions that Audi has recently lowered prices on some of the
>"most commonly" used replacement parts, also in an effort to encourage the
>use of OEM replacements.
>Anyone had first-hand experience with lower prices? I haven't bought an
>oil filter in several months; wonder if they're less than $10 a pop now...
>- -Chris
>1993 90CS 70k miles (OEM oil filters only!)

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