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re RE: Supercharged 30v A4

Scott Stiles <scottst@microsoft.com> wrote:

>> You couldn't *pay me* to install a non-intercooled supercharger on my
30v.From what I've read, all else equal, superchargers increase intake temps
more than turbo's. Add to this the lack of an intercooler & this spells
engine abuse in my book. It may hold together for a while... I shudder to
think what a rebuild would cost.

Of course, if this *is* an intercooled kit, then color me stupid.<<

I can't resist pointing out that the Corvair used a sucker turbo that could
generate 0.7 bar at least, and didn't use an intercooler.  Attention to
avoiding detonation is key.  My Corvair couldn't stand multiple laps on the
race track without starting to detonate and eventually eating valves; it
needed better oil cooling, and an intercooler would have been good, as long
as it was hot, but one can operate without one for short usage.  All the
turbo Corvairs used only on the street certainly did.  Using a supercharger
to accelerate from an occasional stoplight is a lot different usage than
what Audi turbos are designed for - long duration high speed running.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA