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Re: Fog lights and '95 90 Quattro Sport

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rich say:

> Hi Listers!
> Hope everybody is enjoying a nice fall season. On the A4.org website there
> is a description about how to modify the operation of the fog lights (in an
> A4) so that they are available to be used with the high beams as well. Does
> anybody know whether the procedure is the same for the 90? Actually what I
> would really like to do is mod the fog lights so that they could be used
> with the headlights totally off. Thanks for your help!

Easy as pie. Done it twice.

Get one of the "7"-shaped metal connectors that jumpers power
across a relay. Look in your relay box and you'll see one or two.

Pull the foglight relay, install this instead, VOILA! fog lights
at the push of a button any time the ignition is on.


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