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Spark Plug Comment

With all the talk of spark plugs recently, I felt faintly inspired to state

As someone who can easily put 30K miles on a car in one year, I have found
no matter what the mfg. states about the longevity of the plug, they always
seem to need to be replaced after about 60K miles.  This does not seem to
matter what if they are the $15 Bosch plats or the $.99 ACs cheapos.  Nor
does it matter if you put the ones that claim a 100K miles life span.  

As for the multi electrode plugs, I tried a set in the my 1972 4.5 MB and
noticed that it really smoothed out the cars idle and response time.  Again,
they don't seem to last any longer the expensive Bosch plugs.  

One hint:  if your Audi calls for the expensive Bosch plugs, use them don't
substitute anything else.  I did, several times.  After about 4 or 5K miles
on each of the substituted plugs, I bought the expensive ones.  Car runs
like it should now.