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>yeah, we're not to accept phil's anecodotes, but to accept yours scott?
>sorry buddy.  no deal....

Hey Dave, here's an old challenge:  Contrast and compare a 540i to your RS2.
Still waiting for that anecdotal post.  

>also, given your virginal experience in either of the cars being discussed
>(euro m3, euro mb ur-quattro), should we even be listening to you?  others
>on this lst have had decent experiences of both cars.  otherwise, talk is

Don't listen to me.  I'm an idiot.  I compare cars not even as lofty as the
euro M3 and the mb urq.  But hey, I know this.  The euro M3 is ONLY as fast as
the US car (and I have driven the us m3 with the euro brakes), and I've had
many a ride in faster Urq's than the MB or the 3B.  None with torsens

anyway, lets go to the records here.

I'll take a pass on them.  Maybe you can find some sources not so kind to the
A4/S4 and other quattros.  I know I can.

You need to get some facts straight about braking and chassis dynamics Dave.

>so, back to the normal programming....

Thanks, I'd love to.  How bout we keep anecdotes to the BMW cars to the watch
at a track.  That's what I do, it keeps the objectivity a little more in line
with reality.