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RE: erotic upshift indicator (maybe I mean erratic)

Mine will even light up with the car out of gear (parked) with engine
running above 2000rpm.  Yet it never lights in 5th.

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> Subject:	Re: erotic upshift indicator (maybe I mean erratic)
> Jeff writes...
> >It not only is out of sync with my driving, it is nowhere near reality.
> When I
> >am revving low (1500) I will get a light. Conversely, at 4000 revs, no
> light!
> >Feel like pulling the plug, but feel this indicates a prob with some
> >system...vacuum? elec sensor?
> From that information, it sounds like it's running just fine. It's not rpm
> dependant, it is vacuum (therefore load) dependant. 1500 rpm, high vacuum,
> shift. 4000 rpm, with your wellie in it, low/no vacuum, keep reving.....
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