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4kqt conversion.

Hello everyon in quattroland.....
I have talk with Rick Schwalenberg and the WX motor is the
same one in the '83 TQC. It is easily upgraded (Cam, exhaust,
headwork, and turbo) Well I got a motor for $175 including 
everything (fi,turbo, wiring, brain, injector cooling fan, etc)
All right now that I've got that out of the way...

I am going to gut the A/C system on my 4kq.
Can I use a early 5kt tie rod or not?
Better of sending my tie rod to 2bennet?
Can I bend it myself?
Also, Will I need to add the Aux radiator?
Aside from the fuel metering head, can I leave the rest of my fi system
alone? Anyway possible to save the usability of the trip computer?
Will I need turbo injectors or can I use the NA out of my motor?
What kind of wiring nightmares am I looking at ? Rick Schwalenberg
said I only need ot add 3 wires with this motor.

Any help greatly appreciated....
Rich Andrews