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Re: Brake pads for G60 Calipers


> Anyone have any recommendations  for brake pads. I'm doing a G60 caliper
> conversion on my UrQ. TAP says Rofren, Sportwheels thinks stock would be
> OK, the majority think metalmasters suck, I have Pagid yellows on my UrQ
> now and they make a lot of dust, Blau has some noname brands, any
> help??? The car may see occasional track time when the overhaul is
> complete. Thanks.

BTDT with the Rofrens. They were okay, much less dust than stock, a bit more
resistance to fade on back roads. Lasted about a day up at Watkins Glen
before I cooked them.

I would have liked to try Pagids, but they're frightfully expensive.

Most recently, I've been using pads from Paul Weston, which I believe are
manufactured by Advanced Friction Technology. I ran the 03 and 04 race
compound pads at the Glen: fantastic! Wouldn't recommend them on the street,
though: lots of noise, no braking force unless they're _hot_.

On the street, I've been using the AFT SportStreet compound, at least on
the rear. These seem like a nice compromise, and I'll be dropping a
set in the front as soon as I finish shredding the set of OEM pads that
I've got now...

Contact info:

Paul Weston

Work:	888-558-0631
E-Mail:	WMSBrakes@aol.com

P.O. Box 2213
Boothwyn, PA 19061

1993 90CS 70k miles