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Questions about my 4kq and 90S

On the '86 4kcsq, I think I'm going to attempt to replace the bulbs in the
instrument panel and possibly do the odometer fix this weekend. For the
bulbs, my dealer tells me that there are 3 different bulbs for the intrument
panel. Ranging in price from $1.80 to one that is $16, and of course they
were no help on which one's I would actually need. Does anybody know which
bulbs I would need? These are just for the guages, nothing else (but if
there are more I should replace while I'm in there.....). I would just take
them out and then go to the dealer to match them up, but there not open on
Saturdays, and I don't know of any other parts places around town (yet).
Also, if I have part numbers, I could order them from any number of places
out of state for cheaper.

Also on the 4kq, I removed all the console window switchs and "cleaned" them
(all I did was blow out the dirt after taking of the toggle switch). I got
the front right window to work, I confirmed that the right rear window will
go down but that switch is shot, the rear left window wouldn't go down at
all. Possibly the regulator? Anyway, I think I'm going to need 3 window
switches (two for the console, one for the rear door). If you have some,
drop me a line and I'll probably buy them.

Now onto the '93 90S. About 2 weeks ago, while giving the 4k a jump, I
noticed a ticking noise coming from the engine compartment. I'm pretty
confident that it wasn't coming from the engine, but rather from something
to the left of the engine. I didn't notice if the ticking incresed when I
reved the engine, but it will be pretty easy to find out. Any thoughts?

That's it for today.

Matt Daniels
'93 90S
'86 4kcsq