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Re: squeaking tires

> Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 17:08:00 -0800 (PST)
> From: ti@amb.org (Ti Kan)
> Subject: Re: squeaking tires
> Yes.  When accelerating hard from a stop, squeaaling tires indicate that
> the power is overwhelming available traction at the drive wheel(s).  With
> quattro, the power is distributed to all your wheels so each wheel would
> "see" less drive power, so instead of smoking tires, you get forward motion.

i find that when accelerating onto a curvy freeway on-ramp near work, the
tires on our '98 a6 quattro squeak while the car barely grips the road.  our
'98 lexus gs300 (rear wheel drive, over 10% more power, over 10% less
weight vs. a6q) does not make any squeaks and feels a lot more in-touch
with the road.

at this point i am convinced that the difference is between the goodyear
eagle gs/a tires on the a6 and the bridgestone turanza on the gs300.
on the advice of people from this list i have been looking at better
tires for the a6.  i am contemplating replacing the gs/a with either
high-end all-weather michelin or bridgestone potenza.  they may not
have the snow grip of the gs/a, but they'll be a better road tire for
the local climate (rain in the winter, but no snow).  and with luck
they will not squeak.

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