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Re: Vacuum Pump Reprise

Kirby Smith wrote:
>From: "Smith, Kirby A" <kirby.a.smith@lmco.com>
>Subject: Vacuum Pump Reprise
>At the risk of generating duplicate messages or having this message ignored
>as a result of the duplication situation, I want to inform those list
>members who fear they have to disable their vacuum pumps to stop rapping
>noises that occur in some pumps, that disablement is not necessary.  This
>last weekend I noticed my vacuum pump was getting loud again, so for the
>third time I removed it, opened it, and cleared out the excess oil.
>Reinstallation confirmed that this eliminates the rapping.  In my case, a
>complete cleanout seems to be effective for about a year.

Just wanted to add a BTDT- when I did mine (1988 90) there was very little
oil in the vacuum pump, in fact so little that the whole time I was
cleaning it out I was convinced that I was probably wasting my time. For
some reason, I expected it to be practically awash in oil.

	Reinstalled the pump, no rap. Amazing.