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Any BTDT on '91 200TQ hyd pressure hose replacement

Finally getting around to replacing the bomb on my car and figured I'd try
to get rid of the hydraulic leaks in the system (it needs a pentosin
top-off about once every 3-4K miles, leaves a little drip on the garage

I assumed all my leaks were coming from the pressure hose that connects the
pump to the bomb. I ordered what I thought was the complete hose for $73
(no-brainer I thought) but then found out that I got the wrong hose and the
hose I need is actually two hoses. One of hoses is $115, both probably near
$200, not a no-brainer anymore.

Poking around a little closer last night, the pump-to-bomb hose assembly (2
hoses), only shows wet oil at the junction that connects the two hoses
together. The hose coming out of the pump is also slightly oil-dirt caked
near the pump but it doesn't look too bad.

If the biggest part of the leak is at the junction, can this easily be
fixed with a new o-ring/washer and some additional torque? Should I replace
both hoses (the complete hose assembly)? Just the top?

There's also some wet oil on the brake servo where it meets the firewall
(hard to tell where it's coming from). Any BTDT?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Al Youngwerth
'91 200TQ 156K miles

Al Youngwerth