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Re: Dear Santa...parts fiche wanted

Hell, it's easier than that.  Call your local dealer and ask for one ("I
want to buy parts and want a fiche so I can look up the numbers myself and
save you the time & aggravation.").  If they say no, tell them to go shove
a stick somewhere <evil grin> and give Linda at Carlsen a call.  She'll
send you out one (she did me).

What the heck, at worst, either one will make you buy a new one.  They're
reputedly cheap.

At 07:31 PM 12/22/1998 ,  Dave Conner was inspired to say:
> Dear Santa,
> For Christmas, what I would really like, is a parts fiche for an 86 4kq.
> Actually I'd fell privileged if someone would just sell me one.
> So, if anyone has one they're willing to part with I'd gladly pay $20 for it.
> I know this is a long shot but what the heck.

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