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Quattro Insurance

Hi.  One of the more irritating things about our 5K's (which we love) is
not the car but what State Farm Insurance has done to our rates...

Before the Quattros we've had Subaru wagons.  When we switched these
over to the 86 and 87 5KTQW's our rates for car insurance (liability,
collision, medical, etc) just about doubled for these cars.  I've had
many a "discussion" with my agent as to how the Q's are comparible to
the Subaru's we had before (same rough $ value, all AWD station wagons,
parts and labor for repairs about the same).  But State Farm insists
that Quattros are in one of the most expensive catagories to insure...at
least at State Farm.

I'm not about to go back to Soob's.  But I have heard that different
Insurance Co's may rate cars differently (relative to eachother).

So does anyone out on the list have an Insurance Co to recommend that
doesn't charge an arm & a leg for Quattro insurance?