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Re: wacko service writers

Harry R Glesner III <hglesner@ast.lmco.com> wrote:

>     I don't know what else to say, I really don't think it was the
>problem, I've NEVER had any missgiving at using them in the past. But as
>long >as this service writer has it out for atleast my billfold, I'll
>think twice >about letting him have access to it.
>     His name is Rick Schneider @ McDonald Audi/VW in Littleton, Colorado.
>any one else had a simular problem, know the man?

I find the whole concept of a service writer somewhat strange, I must say.
Here in Holland, the customer's complaint is registered at the reception
desk, and the mechanics determine what is wrong with your car. I know from
a friend of mine who's a mechanic, that their training is very good (most
of it's organized by a central training organization not connected with
VW/Audi). IMO, someone who deals with the same cars every day and has
proper training is the best candidate for determining what's wrong with
your car.

Having had lots of experience with dealers- both positive and negative- has
convinced me that there are very few bad mechanics at our dealerships. The
only problems you can run into are created by the management of the
dealership- who tell their mechanics to take less time on a certain job- in
effect not doing it properly. I've seen countless examples of this over the


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