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Re: 87 4KcsQ Christmas nitemare

> >Here are the symptoms: Very poor idle (sounds like it's missing on the back
> >two cyl.) All 5 plugs fowled and wet. At first would slowly come out of
> >problem as engine warmed, now will not go faster that 40-45mph regardless of
> >temp.

> I'm not an Audi expert, but from my experiences with other injected
> engines, this might be worn out or partially clogged injectors or just
> bad gas. If the injectors don't make a spray, just a squirt of gas,
> the plugs will get wet and the car will idle very bad. 

oh yeah that reminds me, your catalytic converter (if you have one) may
be falling apart blocking exhaust flow.  This will stop the car from
revving high, ie you can go 45 in 4th or 5th but in third you can't
maintain the engine speed for it.  Also, engine heats up (alarmingly
so... - when my cat went I blew out the little heater connector hose
after parking the car!) more than normal.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT