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Re: 200t start questions

In message <199812291443.JAA21215@coimbra.ans.net> "Dave Aukerman" writes:

> While working on a persistent hard\no start 91 200t I've noticed that for
> the first two or three revs while cranking there is no spark coming from
> the coil.  Is there a oil press.\fuel press. sensor that delays ignition
> spark at each startup or am I missing something.

Yeah, they do that.

The code in the ECU can take a revolution or two to decide:

a) The engine _is_ turning.

b) Yes, it's going round the right way.

c) And _this_ TDC is the firing one.

MB ur-quattros (very similar code) _always_ go 1-2-3-VROOM.

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