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RE: P/S Pump Seal Kit


I found a couple of postings on the procedure.  I'm following the Bentley 
step by step, but hit a snag when it calls for the pressing of the 
triangular flange off of the shaft.  I brought it to work today, and plan 
on using an arbor press in our machine shop to remove it, but it seems like 
it's really on there.  I think the pump may have been 'resealed' before, so 
I'm skeptical whether it will work or not.

Also, it seems that there are more seals included in the kit than what the 
Bentley calls to replace.  Where do the other seals go?


Check the archives.  Many of us have done it with success.  Not a 
particularly hard job if you
have tools and a couple of hours.  Not expensive, either.

Cliff Dawson wrote:

> Has anyone recently bought the kit and replaced the seals on a ~87 5k 
power steering pump?
> Any suggestions for a first timer?
> Cliff Dawson
> 87 5ks
> 97 a4q

Roland Broberg
W319N657 Shagbark Glen
Delafield, WI 53018-2818
Current: 90V8Q, 86 4Ks, Fmr:91 100, 86 5KTQ, 84 5K